Presentations About Costus

As I learned more about gingers, I wanted to share what I had learned, so I gave presentations about gingers to various garden clubs and groups in the Tallahassee area. Then as I started to specialize in Costus, I was invited to give presentations at botanical gardens and at meetings of the Heliconia Society International, where I am now a board member and the web master of our rather antiquated website. Below are PDF files from some of these presentations. (NOTE: These are rather large files and will take a few minutes to download.)

2002-2004 - Old "Gingers A-Z" presentation given with slides to local garden clubs.
Gingers A-Z

2004 Presentation on Costus Identification at Fairchild Gardens Miami Ginger Workshop
Identification of Costus Species

2004 Presentation On Costus at Mercer Gardens in Houston
Power Point Title and Slide Show of Photos
Specialty Spirals - The Genus Costus
Mercer Costus Presentation.exe

2008 Presentation at the Heliconia Society International conference in Iquitos, Peru
Neo-Tropical Costus

2009 Presentation at the Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico
Neo-Tropical Costus

2010 Presentation at the Heliconia Society International conference in Singapore
New Costus Discoveries in the Neotropics

2011 Presentation to the Gardening Friends of the Big Bend, Quincy, Florida
Lessons Learned From Tropical Field Work

2012 Presentaton at the Heliconia Society International conference in El Valle, Panama
New Discoveries in Costaceae - A Neo-Tropical Tour

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