Costus aff. zamoranus - Nangaritza Form
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This form of Costus aff.zamoranus was found at Reserva Maycu east of the Rio Nangaritza in the shade of primary forest areas, and in heavy sticky grey clay soil.
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It matches the description of C. zamoranus very well but there are distinct differences from the form found in the type location on the other side of the mountains near Valladolid.
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The bracts were always found covered with detrius that was apparently cultivated there by the omnipresent ants.
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The foliage was tall and clearly different from the plants of Costus amazonicus which also is found in the region and also produces basal flowers.
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All plants of this type we saw in this area were basal flowering.
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The stems and ligules were glabrous and the ligules truncate, petioles failry long.
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The leaves were glabrous on the upper sides....
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and on the lower sides.
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Before scraping away the detrius.
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And here a clearer picture of the bracts. Note the color and the red margins, and sharply contrasting reddish nectar callus. Very different from the form found at the type location of Valladolid.
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The covered parts of the bracts were red.
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The flowers were more tubular in shape than C. amazonicus or C. laevis - which are the two described species that are closest to C. zamoranus.
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The details of the flowers.
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Another plant a bit farther down the road from the previous one.
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The same type of C. aff. zamoranus was found on the west side of the Rio Nangaritza near Las Orchideas in heavy shade with thick leaf mulch and the same limey soil base.
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The Las Orchideas plant is detailed in the following photos for comparison.
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