Costus zamoranus along road to Tapala
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Marco Jimenez with terminal flowering C. aff. zamoranus at about 1700 meters along the Valladolid-Tapala Road.
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Basal form at same location.
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basal form
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basal form
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Foliage of basal form
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Composite detail with basal form at top and terminal form at bottom (with damaged labellum)
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Apex of stamen, terminal form left, basal form right. There is significant difference here, making me think the terminal one is a separate species.
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foliage comparison, basal form left and terminal form right.
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terminal form with pubescent lower leaf.
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basal form with glabrous lower leaf
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ligule of terminal form
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ligule of basal form
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Farther up the road toward Tapala at about 1250 meters we found these... A basal inflorescence forming with appendaged bract forming.
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We also found what I would call C. aff. claviger growing in sunny areas along the road. To the left in this photo with the appendaged bracts. To the right is C. zamoranus.
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another view of the two plants
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The basal one, C. zamoranus
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Then even farther down the road to Tapala was this apparent terminal flowering form of C. zamoranus with creamy yellow flowers and very little of the reddish color.
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Composite details of the terminal flowering plant - C. aff. zamoranus
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Terminal flowering C. aff. zamoranus
Copyright 2015 - Dave Skinner

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