R3009 - Costus 'Lemon Chiffon'

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This Costus is from Waimea Arboretum Hawaii, first time I have seen it in flower.
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It was grown from seed collected back in 1974 by the famous plant explorer Tim Plowman.
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The collection location indicated in Waimea records was Colombia, El Valle, Boqueron and environs, new road from Cali to Buenaventura at 150 m.
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This would place it deep in the Choco, but the Boqueron I could find on Google is at higher elevation and NOT on the road to Buenaventura, so I am not sure exactly where it was collected.
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It has grown to about 3 meters tall before it has finally flowered for me.
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It has a beautiful broad labellum, yellow with red markings.
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It keys out to be Costus laevis using Maas' key, but it does not look anything like any of the forms of C. laevis I have found.
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I really think it is an undescribed species. What wonderful treasures there must be in the Choco, if only it was safe to go there. Maybe soon the FARC and narcos will be defeated.
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The ligule is fairly short, about 8 mm.
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