Chamaecostus subsessilis in Study Plot (Univ. of Mato Grosso)
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Chamaecostus subsessilis - Located in a University of Mato Grosso study plot about 40 km east of Alta Floresta.
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Side view - habitat is terra firme in a small forest patch of natural vegetation. Noted that the area where the Chamaecostus was growing was somewhat rocky but not with the large boulders and rocky outcrops as seen at Cristalino.
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Note hairiness of leaves compared to the Brasilia plant. Also most of the plants here were quite short often lying right on the ground.
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Bract, Bracteole and Calyx - note that calyx is not nearly as deeply lobed as the Brasilia plant.
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Corolla lobes, stamen, and labellum. Note shape of anther crest compared against the Brasilia plant.
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Lais Lage She is a university student and is working on a study of the cellular structure of the root tubers. She is also assisting Thiago Andres with his field studies of this species.
Images Copyright 2011 - Dave Skinner