Chamaecostus subsessilis in Brasilia, Brazil
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Chamaecostus subsessilis - form found in Brasilia was smaller than form currently found in cultivation in the US.
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Note that the size of the flower is large in relation to the plant, otherwise very similar to the cultivated plant.
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Side view
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Leaves of the Brasilia plant are glabrous - not hairly as in the plant that is in US cultivation.
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The Brasilia plant is also raised higher above the ground.
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The leaf margins are purple and there is a purplish tint to the undersides.
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Note the characters on the pseudostem.
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The calyx of the Brasilia plant is much more deeply lobed and about 3 cm long.
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The location was in a city park, in a forest pocket on a rocky knoll. Most of the surounding area was cerrado (tropical savannah).
Images Copyright 2012 - Dave Skinner