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Hedychium coccineum

Type: Rhizome

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Hedychium coccineum - flower Hedychium coccineum is a species of butterfly ginger that is found in at least five distinct varieties, and the taxonomy has become confused. Hedychium expert Tom Wood is in the process of sorting this all out, but I will describe the variety I have available for sale. It has narrow grey-green foliage that grows to 6 ft tall in my garden, with strong upright canes that never need staking, as with some Hedychiums.

The flowers are orange-red in color, shiny in texture and individually small but massed to make a showy inflorescence. They do not have any fragrance that I can detect although some people claim there is a slight fragrance. It is a very showy plant while in bloom, and once it has been established it will start flowering as early as June and keeps sending up new flowering stalks through the summer and into fall.

It is reliably hardy in my garden, and most references rate it as hardy in zone 7B or zone 8. One of my correspondents in Durham, NC says it is perfectly hardy for him there, and another in the southwest of England has told me he grows it with no problems there. I have not found it to be prone to rotting of the dormant rhizomes like some Hedychiums, so my guess it it would be hardy throughout zone 7.

This is a sun loving Hedychium. I have it growing in about 5 hours direct sun, but it can be planted in full sun if the soil is kept evenly moist. It should be grown in rich, organic soil.

Hedychium coccineum

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