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Curcuma 'Summer Snow'


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Well, I guess I never got around to taking a picture of this one. It is another of the red stemed Curcumas, but is definately a different plant from either Curcuma rubescens or the popular new Curcuma called 'Scarlet Fever'. This plant has long snake-like rhizomes similar to Curcuma flaviflora. It is supposed to be a summer bloomer with white flowers, but has not flowered for me yet. The only place I have seen it for sale is at Plant Delights. Tony Avent was here last year so I asked him where he got it. He said it came from North Carolina plantsman Frank Galloway. Here is the history straight from the person who first brought this in:

Frank Galloway - "Curcuma 'Summer Snow' was a selection that I made some 15 years ago from a shipment of what I assume to be wild collected plants out of India via Growers Service, a now defunct supplier. Out of this shipment of several hundred rhizomes, I had one plant that emerged from a solid maroon leaf sheath with green leaves, no midrib color. Plant growth habit and heighth approximates C. petiolata with the exception of bloom. Like C. petiolata, it is a summer bloomer but with a solid white infloresence with individual blooms pink and yellow. Plant does not bloom as prolifically as the petiolata types, but it it the only one of the red stemmed forms that has proven reliably hardy here year after year. This plant survived the Jan. 1993 dip to 12 degrees with over 40 consecutive hours below freezing. In our most recent return to the Ice Age, our temps dropped to 15 but the daytime temps went above freezing on each morning. 'Summer Snow' also survived the record Zero degree, Christmas Eve 22 inch Snow of 1989. A tough plant that deserves wider circulation.

I assume that this plant is a C. leuchorhiza or at least some form of that. I have passed this plant on to some of the other serious Zingiber growers, Russell Adams, Mike Bordelon etc and have since seen the same plant in various other gardens either from Tony Avent's dispersion or others. The name 'Summer Snow' is a name that I assigned to this plant but not with the specific epithet, leuchorhiza attached. To my knowledge no one has positively identified it as to the species. Hope this helps."

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