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Costus scaber

Type: Rhizome

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Costus scaber flower Costus scaber is another of the widespread and variable species of Costus. It is found in nearly all parts of Central America and tropical South America. I have seen it in every country I have explored for Costus: Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana and Brazil. The form being sold here is the one that is common in cultivation but I do have other forms with slightly different colors of bracts and sizes of flowers. If you see a photo on my website of another form, feel free to email me and if I have it available I can substitute it.

This Costus scaber has proven to be hardy here in USDA zone 8B and is reported hardy up to zone 8A. It grows to about 5-6 ft. tall in a season, and in frost free areas it can grow to as much as 8 ft. tall. It has beautiful tropical-looking medium green leaves with the typical spiraling archictecture that makes all Costus attractive as foliage plants, even without the flowers.

There are two basic types of Costus - one type with tightly imbricate bracts forming cones, like this one, and others with more open bracts or with leafy appendages to the bracts. Some have flowers with broader labellums and some like this one which are more tubular in shape. The bright red "pokers" stand out nicely against the green foliage. (NOTE: This plant is sometimes sold as Costus spicatus, but the correct identity is Costus scaber. Costus spicatus is a different, superficially similar species.)

Costus scaber is a vigorous grower, and it will not take long for it to spread to a nice large clump. You can easily speed up that process by rooting cuttings of the stems and planting the new plants.

Costus scaber

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