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Curcuma 'Emperor'

Type: Rhizome

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Curcuma petiolata 'Emperor' There seem to be several plant names that have been ascribed to the same or a very similar plant. I have bought this plant under the name Curcuma 'Figi', as Curcuma petiolata 'Variegata' and as Curcuma 'Emperor'. As far as I know, they are all the same plant, but the one I am listing now comes from my stock of Curcuma 'Emperor'.

The name evidently comes from its reputation as a good luck charm. Herb dealers in Thailand call it the "Emperors Wan" and it is said to have magical powers. If planted in front of a business it will bring profits and ward off evil. It is also said that if one carries a piece of the rhizome on a trip you will always return home even a trip to the hospital.

Like Curcuma petiolata (hidden lily), this one is not at all fussy about growing conditions, and would be suitable for beginners. I have grown it in conditions from filtered shade to about 4 hours direct sun and it has performed equally well. It gets between 3 and 4 ft. tall. It is a reliable bloomer and the variegated foliage (which does not show up very well in these photos) is an added attraction. A correspondent in Raleigh, NC (zone 7) tells me it is extremely hardy surviving his winters easily without any mulching.

Grow it in well drained organic soil kept moist during active growth. Like all Curcumas, this one will go dormant in the winter. The foliage will start to yellow in the late fall and that is perfectly natural for this plant. Some Curcumas are very susceptible to rotting of the rhizomes if they are kept too wet during winter dormancy. This one, like Curcuma petiolata, is pretty safe unless you keep the soil absolutely saturated.

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