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Dave Skinner a/k/a GingersRus

GingersRusPROUD to be an American

To all my friends and customers thankyou for supporting GingersRus and "Happy Gardening"! Dave Skinner

I sold gingers on eBay for over 4 years. I now have an on-line catalog and shopping cart to sell my gingers direct. To see how many satisfied customers I have had, check out my FEEDBACK RECORD on eBay.

I am also listed on Daves Garden Website (no relationship to me) and I invite you to Rate GingersRus at the:
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GingersRus - the name says it all. I have over 250 different gingers in my collection, and I have finally built up enough stock to be able to share some of them with other collectors. All my gingers are grown and propagated by me in my own garden - no tissue culture mass production here. I am a very small one-man operation, but I try to carry a wide selection. With so many varieties, I only have room for a limited supply of many of them, and some will be listed as "SOLD OUT" until I can grow more to build up my stock.

You can find more information about them by going to my website, where I even tell you the other places you can buy them if you don't want to buy from me! In fact, you can find out just about anything you need to know about gingers by going to the All About Gingers website.

Plants Vs. Rhizomes - During winter and early spring, most of my gingers (except Costus and a few other evergreen or tender species) are sold as dormant or semi-dormant rhizomes. Beginning in April and May, most are actively growing and are sold as growing plants. These will be shipped bare root, and any stems over 2 feet long will be cut back for shipment. The price is usually a bit higher for growing plants than for rhizomes due to the additional time and expense to prepare them for shipping. The size of the rhizomes and plants vary considerably depending on the genus and species, but all are guaranteed to be well establshed and healthy - ready to be grown in your garden or greenhouse.

My gingers are listed in 3 categories:
Beginner Gingers - You can bet on success with these gingers. I have selected some gingers that are very easy to grow and that increase quickly to a nice large clump. Most of them are pretty common gingers, that you could buy from local nurseries in the Deep South, or from other mail order sources if you want. These are often packaged as three healthy rhizomes or one established growing plant with at least three growth buds on each rhizome (except for Globbas and Kaempferias). I don't want you to fail with these gingers! I include detailed instructions on how to grow them, and free "lifetime technical support."

Collector Gingers - These gingers are not nearly so common, but can be found on the large mail order sites if you prefer to buy from them. I won't call something "rare" unless it really is rare. My normal rule of thumb is a minimum of three growth buds on a rhizome (except for Globbas and Kaempferias).

Advanced Collector Gingers - These are the gingers that are truly rare in the trade. I won't list a ginger as "advanced collector" if I have seen it on more than one mail order source. These are for the serious collectors who already have 100 or so gingers in their collection or just have to be the "first on their block" to have something. Most of these are just as easy to grow as the collector series gingers, but a few are a bit tricky, having a narrower tolerance for light, moisture and temperature conditions.

Le Jardin Ombragé (The Shady Garden) describes my garden, which is mostly under the shade of mature oak trees.

All images and descriptions are Copyright © 2002-06 Dave Skinner
GingersRus is a trademark of Le Jardin Ombragé
Florida Nursery Registration Number 47231753
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All images and descriptions are Copyright © 2002-06 Dave Skinner
GingersRus is a trademark of Le Jardin Ombragé
Florida Nursery Registration Number 47231753