Another characteristic used to describe Costus species is whether the plant produces inflorescences on separate stems arising from the rhizomes at the base of the plant. These are also sometimes referred to as "radical" inflorescences. Many Costus species will sometimes produce BOTH basal and terminal inflorescences. Costus species that sometimes have basal inflorescences are marked "Y". Costus species that NEVER have basal inflorescences are marked "N". If this characteristic is unknown, it is entered in the GingersRus Plant Database as "U".

EXAMPLES OF COSTUS WITH BASAL INFLORESCENCE - These are pictures of Costus species with basal inflorescence.
Examples of basal bloomers

The following Costus species are known to produce BOTH basal and terminal inflorescences:
  1. Costus acreanus
  2. Costus amazonicus
  3. Costus arabicus
  4. Costus barbatus (observed in cultivated specimen)
  5. Costus laevis
  6. Costus ligularis
  7. Costus pictus (observed in cultivated specimens)