Appendaged Bracts

In Costus, the presence or absence of appendages on the bracts is an important feature used for identification. In some species the appendage is very destinct from the bract, sometimes called a "leafy appendage". In other species the apex of the bracts flares outward giving the appearance of appendages but there is no distinct division between bract and appendage. In other species, the bract narrows before it flares outward. In the latter two cases we might say they are "patent bracts", meaning spreading or expanded. For Costus identification purposes, these forms are all usually grouped together as "appendaged bracts" because it is sometimes difficult to discern from outward appearance how distinct the appendage is from the bracts.

Examples of appendaged bracts (distinct)

Examples of patent bracts (often included with appendaged bracts).

Examples of non-appendaged bracts.