Index to Thumbnail Sheets for Species of Costaceae

These thumbnail sheets may be used to get a quick look at the inflorescences of different species of Costus, Chamaecostus, Cheilocostus, Monocostus, Dimerocostus, Paracostus and Tapeinochilos. The sheets are organized by general morphological and geographical groupings to make it easier to compare similar species. Click on the links below to go to the thumbnail sheets.
  1. NEOTROPICAL COSTUS - This is the largest sheet. It contains thumbnail images of Costus species native to Central and South America. The thumbnails are divided into four major groups based upon the type of inflorescence, making it easier to compare similar species. Each photo has a link to a datasheet for the species that provides further details and additional photos.

  2. AFRICAN COSTUS - This sheet has Costus species that are native to Africa. It includes lateral flowering vine-like species as well as the larger species with terminal or basal inflorescences.

  3. CHAMAECOSTUS - This sheet has species of Chamaecostus - a genus that was split out from Costus in 2006. These are mostly shorter plants that grow in eastern parts of South America.

  4. CHEILOCOSTUS - This sheet has species of Cheilocostus - another genus that was split out from Costus in 2006. Cheilocostus are from the far east, India, southeast Asia, and Australia.

  5. TAPEINOCHILOS - This sheet has photos of Tapeinochilos species from New Guinea, other Malanesian Islands, and tropical parts of Australia.

  6. OTHER COSTACEAE - This sheet has the smaller genera Dimerocostus and Monocostus from Central and South America. It also has thumbs of the genus Paracostus from Africa and the island of Borneo.

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