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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7862

Parahellenia candida

OLD NAME: Cheilocostus candidus

NEW NAME: Parahellenia candida

NAME CHANGE NOTES: basal white flowering new species should probably be included in the new genus Parahellenia

FULL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cheilocostus candidus Skornickova., Bomova & HD Tran

STATUS : accepted


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This new species was described by the authors as part of the genus Cheilocostus, but based on its description it will probably be moved to the new genus Parahellenia. It is similar to P. tonkinensis by its inflorescence appearing at the base of the leafy shoots, but differs by its unbranched or very sparsely branched stems, densely puberulent leaf sheaths, densely puberulous lower side of lamina and cream-white flowers (compared to densely branched stems, glabrous leaf sheaths, glabrous lamina on both sides and yellow flowers with red markings on basal part of the labellum).


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