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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7860

Parahellenia malipoensis

OLD NAME: New Species

NEW NAME: Parahellenia malipoensis

NAME CHANGE NOTES: New species in genus Parahellenia

FULL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Parahellenia malipoensis Juan Chen, L.Y. Zeng, S.Jin Zeng & N.H. Xia

STATUS : accepted


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Parahellenia malipoensis is similar to P. borneensis, but differs in narrowly lanceolate (vs. cucullate) bracteoles, green (vs. reddish brown) leafless sheaths, small (70e90 cm vs. 150e200 cm tall) stature, smaller leaves (22e28  3e5 cm vs. 27e42  9e16 cm) and spike (5e6  2e4 cm vs. 4e12  5e8 cm).


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