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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7845

Costus sp. Gentry

OLD NAME: Costus possible sp. nov. unnamed

NEW NAME: Costus sp. Gentry

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Possible sp. nov., as yet undescribed and unnamed, based on collection by Gentry 24096


STATUS : sp. nov. unnamed

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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Possible new species based upon a collection in Chocó of Colombia by Gentry & Rentería 24096 at MO and COL. Paul Maas noted that this appears to be an undescribed species but there is insufficient data at this time to publish it. It is noted for its very long and unequally lobed ligules (up to 50 mm), plicate leaves with upper side glabrous, lower side densely puberulous and sheaths, ligule and petiole densely puberulous. The flowers abaxially oriented, distinguishing from Costus allenii, and dark red bracts.

When I was at the Nirvana reserve in Colombia I saw a Costus that looks quite similar and might be the same undescribed species. It has lobed ligules (not as long as 50 mm), very hairy sheaths and leaves somewhat plicate, deep red/purple non-appendaged bracts with yellow flowers. I have applied that accession number to this species record, as further research might confirm that it belongs here.


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