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Datasheet for Costus spiralis aff. green bract Huanuco

Plant Datasheet for Costus spiralis aff. green bract Huanuco

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus spiralis aff. green bract Huanuco
CONTINENT: Neotropical

This form appears to match the type specimen of the plant Ruiz named as Costus laevis, which he collected at Chacahuasi, near Cuchero, Peru in 1787 and shipped to Spain. It does NOT match Ruiz' written DESCRIPTION of the plant he named as Costus laevis. It best fits the currently described Costus spiralis in a green bract form seen throughout the eastern foothills of the Andes in Peru. Additional details published in the quarterly Bulletin of the Heliconia Society International, December 2016.

R3377 rhizome collected at Santa Rita Sur along the Rio Huallaga, a few km north of the dam at Chacahuasi

R3381 stem cutting collected in the Tingo Maria Botanical Garden

R3382 seeds collected side of highway along Rio Huallaga near entrance to PN Tingo Maria.

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