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Datasheet for Costus albiflos

Plant Datasheet for Costus albiflos

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus albiflos
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Costus albiflos Maas & H.Maas, sp. nov.
STATUS :Accepted

This African species is newly described in Paul Maas' monograph on African Costaceae, published on 16 December 2016. (Monograph of African Costaceae, H. Maas-van de Kamer, P.J.M. Maas, J.J. Wieringa, C.D. Specht, Blumea 61, 2016: 280 - 318,

Costus albiflos is very easily recognizable by its leafless flowering shoot, green appendaged bracts and completely white flowers (with only a slightly yellow nectar guide). Its petiole, ligule and sheaths are covered with appressed, 0.5–1 mm long hairs with a thickened base creating a ‘rough’ feeling. — Type: Maas et al. 10411 (holo WAG 2 sheets [WAG0380170, WAG0380171]; iso BR, K, L [L.2079937], LBV, MO, P, UC), Gabon, Estuaire,side road at km 46 of road from Kougouleu to Méla, on the border of Parc National Monts de Cristal, 15 m, 21 Nov. 2011.

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