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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7594

Costus 'Reina Rosada'

OLD NAME: Costus 'Reina Rosada'

NEW NAME: Costus 'Reina Rosada'

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Natural hybrid


STATUS : registered cultivar

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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Costus 'Reina Rosada' - Spanish for 'Pink Queen'. We found this plant in the Cord. del Condor, El Zarza area at 1200 meters. We picked the name so we would have some way to refer to it, but it has now been grown and cultivated in my garden and is a registered cultivar name. Thumbnail sheet at

After growing this for several years, I have found it to be one of the most beautiful and reliably flowering Costus in my garden. The pink flowers are HUGE and showy, borne on reddish colored bracts. I now believe this is more likely to be a natural hybrid of the "El Gato" form, currently included in the species Costus acreanus as the likely pollen parent. The seed parent is less certain but possibly is Costus amazonicus which was also found growing in the immediate vicinity where we found this plant. The plant grows to about 2.5 meters tall, with glabrous vegetative parts and broad, somewhat plicate leaves. The large spreading labellum of the flower has parallel wings.


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