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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7593

Costus 'Pink Floyd'

OLD NAME: Costus 'Pink Floyd'

NEW NAME: Costus 'Pink Floyd'

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Natural hybrid


STATUS : registered cultivar

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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Costus 'Pink Floyd' was found along the main road into the Rio Nangaritza area of Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador. I was traveling with Marco Jiménez Villata and his son Marco Jiménez Léon. Here we saw many hundreds of the white flowered C. asplundii plant that has nearly colonized parts of the region. As we sped by, the younger Marco suddenly noticed a plant he said had all pink flowers instead of white, but we had driven past it before he mentioned it and did not stop or turn around at that time. We decided we would just look for it in a couple of days when we would be passing back by that area.

Somehow this reminded the father Marco of how he used to like the rock music by Pink Floyd and he had a Pink Floyd record album as a younger man. When he got married, his wife liked only religious music and his Pink Floyd album disappeared, apparently thrown out by his wife. Over the next two days we were laughing and talking about this plant we referred to as "Pink Floyd". On the way back along that highway we stopped to photograph it and I collected some seeds. So this one has earned the cultivar name 'Pink Floyd' if it is successfully propagated and stays true to color. We believe it to be a hybrid of Costus asplundii with Costus amazonicus that is also common in the area and was seen just across the road. A thumbnail sheet is at

R3338 from Rio Nangaritza area

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