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Datasheet for Costus laevis aff. laevis Pubescent Zamora forms

Plant Datasheet for Costus laevis aff. laevis Pubescent Zamora forms

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus laevis aff. laevis Pubescent Zamora forms
CONTINENT: Neotropical

Another form that best fits the species description of Costus laevis is found in Zamora area of Ecuador at higher altitudes than the "Podocarpus" form. It ranges in elevation from about 1200 meters to 1600 meters and was somewhat variable but distinctly different from the Podocarpus form with a very short calyx and the lower leaves with soft, dense hairs. The upper leaves varied from pubescent, to scabrous to glabrous, and the flower colors were either mostly yellow or white with the typical Costus red stripes.

Here is a thumbnail sheet with photos of the beautiful yellow flowering form.

And this one with mostly red flowers, but also with leaves sheathing the inflorescence, small calyx, and variable hairs on the upper side of leaves, soft dense hairs on the lower sides of leaves. Thumbnail sheet at

R3331 and R3332 finca above PN Podocarpus, R3333 Rio Numbami,


Podocarpus, Zamora, Ecuador, Latitude -4.12533, Longitude -78.9732, at 1175 meters elevation.

Rio Numbami, Zamora, Ecuador, Latitude -4.18258, Longitude -78.9353, at 1270 meters elevation.

Old Loja Road, Zamora, Ecuador, Latitude -3.96177, Longitude -79.01592, at 1565 meters elevation.

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