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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7582

Costus pictus (Chiapas form)

OLD NAME: Costus pictus - Chiapas form

NEW NAME: Costus pictus (Chiapas form)

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Yellow flowering form from western Chiapas, Mexico


STATUS : distinct form

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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This is the form of Costus pictus found on the Pacific coastal region of Chiapas, southern Mexico in the mountains above Tapachula up to about 1200 meters. The plants here are taller than the cultivated forms (red stemmed or 'Hieroglyphics) and they do have a visible nectar callus, dark green against the lighter green bracts, but not conspicuous on some plants. This species is quite common in the region. Several of the plants examined had white calyx and bracteole, unlike the more normal red. Both colors had the shallow triangular lobes to the calyx as described by Maas. A thumbnail page showing photos of this plant can be found at

At Finca Irlanda, I also saw one plant that had a more tubular shaped flower, with brownish colored bracts and a distinct dark green callus. Only one plant was seen like this so it is likely a sport or hybrid with the tubular flowered Costus comosus that is also growing there. A thumbnail page with photos of this plant can be found at


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