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Datasheet for Costus allenii Bahia Solano form

Plant Datasheet for Costus allenii Bahia Solano form

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus allenii Bahia Solano form
CONTINENT: Neotropical

I first saw this plant in 2012 at the Quindio Botanical Garden in Colombia and was told it came from Bahia Solano on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. In 2014 I visited the area and found it to be quite common there. After seeing a number of plants I have determined this to be a form of the species Costus allenii. See PID 3351 for further information about the species Costus allenii.

This form has green non-appendaged bracts (red on the covered parts) forming a rounded cone similar to Costus glaucus. The lower bracts are not appendaged. Flowers are open labellum type, yellow corolla lobes, yellow labellum with reddish stripes. All plant parts are hairy with very thick long hairs on leaves and stems and pubescent bracteole and calyx.

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R3229 from Quindio did not survive. R3305 collected at Jardin Botanico del Pacifico is this same plant as found at Quindio Botanico Garden in Colombia. It did not survive either. I have found all forms of Costus allenii to be difficult to grow here.

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