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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7513

Parahellenia globosa 'Peach Cobbler'

OLD NAME: Cheilocostus globosus 'Peach Cobbler'

NEW NAME: Parahellenia globosa 'Peach Cobbler'

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Moved to the new genus Parahellenia


STATUS : registered cultivar


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This is a cultivar name I have given to this plant to distinguish it from the other form of C. globosus in my collections. Additional information on the species Cheilocostus globosus can be found at PID3432. Cultivar Description: C. globosus form with unusual leaves and yellow flowers with red markings in the throat of the labellum. New leaves are peach colored turning green with maturity and having a distinctive rugose (wrinkled) texture. Leaves are glabrous on both surfaces. Normally flowers basally but this cultivar sometimes makes a terminal inflorescence. Bracts, bracteoles and calyx are densely hairy and green with only a blush of red near the margins. Flowers are globular in shape, labellum is yellow with distinctive red markings in the throat.

Cultivar Registry Photo at Cultivar published in the Heliconia Society Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 19, No. 4, December, 2013.


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