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Datasheet for Paracostus bullatus

Plant Datasheet for Paracostus bullatus

BOTANICAL NAME: Paracostus bullatus
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Costus bullatus Meekiong, Muliati & Ipor
STATUS :Accepted

NOTE: Three new species were described in 2006 in Folio Malaysiana, Vol. 7 (1 & 2): pages 55-72. The authors acknowledged the reclassification of plants in subgenus paracostus by Chelsea Specht a few months earlier, but argued that this subgenus had been insufficiently studied and did not accept that reclassification. In a 2010 personal communication with Lim Chong Keat I was told that they were still maintaining that these species should remain as a subgenus of Costus. I am placing them here in the new genus Paracostus, but retaining the authors' original classification in the genus Costus for their formal scientific names.

This species was distinguished from Paracostus (Costus) muluensis by its bullate upper surface of the leaves (rounded, blistery projections on the surface). It is distinguished from P. eburneus by several details as shown on a chart in the Folio Malaysiana article. It produces 1-2 flowers in the inflorescence, labellum white with a yellow band in the throat, and corolla lobes white. It was found in Sarawak, Malaysia (Borneo) only in Bau limestone areas in Kuching Division.

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