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Datasheet for Cheilocostus borneensis

Plant Datasheet for Cheilocostus borneensis

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BOTANICAL NAME: Cheilocostus borneensis
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cheilocostus borneensis A.D.Poulsen
STATUS :Accepted

This species was recently described and named by Drs. Axel Poulsen and Chelsea Specht in 2010 in the Gardens Bulletin Singapore 62 (1): 143-150. 2010. It is closely related to the widespread C. globosus from which it differs by the chocolate-brown sheaths, absence of axillary shoots on vegetative stems, larger leathery leaves, and by its calyx that is not prickly. The full article can be downloaded on this website at

Further details and description chart can be found at the Botanical Description page link above.

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