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Datasheet for Dimerocostus cryptocalyx

Plant Datasheet for Dimerocostus cryptocalyx

BOTANICAL NAME: Dimerocostus cryptocalyx
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dimerocostus cryptocalyx N.R.Salinas & Betancur
STATUS :Accepted
CONTINENT: Neotropical

Dimerocostus cryptocalyx is a stunning plant with large pendent inflorescences, bracts with the appearance of large leafy green appendages but described as not having appendages. The flowers are white with a "scarlet" red base in the labellum.

This species is endemic to Colombia, found in the departments of Antioquia, Boyacá and Chocó. The type was collected by John Kress and others in 1995, Municipio de Frontino, corregimiento Nutibara - la Blanquita, 7-8 km entre el alto de las Cuevas y La Blanquita, W. Vertiente pacífica de Colombia, region de Muttí., Antioquia, Colombia, South America. It was formally named and described in 2004.

The species was described in 2004 by Nelson R. Salinas & Julio Betancur. A PDF file of the publication (in Spanish) can be seen here:

I have not seen this species myself, but my Heliconia Society friends, Carla Black and Bruce Dunstan, sent me some photos they took on a trip to Colombia. A thumbnail page showing the photos can be found at

R3221 seeds received in 2011 did not germinate.

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