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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7465

Costus laevis 'Marco's Pride'

OLD NAME: Costus tarmicus 'Marco's Pride'

NEW NAME: Costus laevis 'Marco's Pride'

NAME CHANGE NOTES: New name for former C. guanaiensis var. tarmicus


STATUS : registered cultivar

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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This plant was collected by Marco Jimenez from Zamora, Ecuador. He was fishing along the Rio Numbaime when he saw this beautiful flowering plant and collected it then planted it in his garden. It has some affinity to the species Costus claviger but the triangular bracts and open but somewhat tubular flowers make it unique, so I really do not know for sure what it is. I have called it 'Marco's Pride'.

I thought this form was what Paul Maas was calling Costus aff. claviger but now this is determined to be a form of the newly interpreted Costus laevis (formerly tarmicus).

Cultivar Description: Costus laevis type inflorescence but with narrow, acutely triangular bract appendages and flower more closed and tubular in shape. Vegetative parts are mostly glabrous, ligules about 10 mm and truncate. Terminal flowering, bracts are red turning green toward the apex of the appendage, bracteole 10 mm and calyx about 8 mm long, flower overall is pinkish in color with reddish cast to corolla lobes and labellum. Cultivar published in the Heliconia Society Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 19, No. 4, December, 2013.

During my February 2015 trip to southern Ecuador I went to the Mayo Chinchipe region. My first trip to Ecuador in 2007 I was lucky enough totally by chance to meet Marco Jimenez (the father) in Zamora. He showed me a plant he was growing in his garden, and later I identified it as part of the C. aff. Claviger group and registered it with the cultivar name 'Marco's Pride'. This trip I saw hundreds of the same (or similar) plant with the narrow triangular bract appendages and the broad claviger type flowers. What is curious to me is that in three days covering the Mayo Chinchipe area, besides C. zamoranus, this was the ONLY type of Costus that we saw. None of the more common species such as C. scaber were found in this region. My thumbnail page for C. 'Marco's Pride' as seen in the Mayo Chinchipe region can be found at


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