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Datasheet for Costus curvibracteatus 'Pocosol'

Plant Datasheet for Costus curvibracteatus 'Pocosol'

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus curvibracteatus 'Pocosol'
CONTINENT: Neotropical

In 2006 I was in the Tilaran Mountains on the eastern slopes (opposite Monteverde) at a research station called Pocosol. There is a plant there that has affinity to C. curvibracteatus but is quite different looking. It is much shorter growing to about 3 feet (1 meter) at maturity and has mostly red bracts with just a hint of orange. The flowers are yellow and tubular but longer and protruding from the bracts more so than the type of C. curvibracteatus from the Talamanca Mountains to the south. It has a slightly longer, lobed ligule and somewhat shorter calyx (9 mm) and bracteole (15 mm). This form was formally registered with a cultivar name 'Pocosol'.

Cultivar Description: Much shorter than the common form of C. curvibracteatus, with lobed ligules, red bracts, yellow tubular flowers that far exceed the bracts. Plant grows to about 1 meter high, vegetative parts are glabrous, ligule lobed, about 1 cm. Bracts are nearly solid red with a faint nectar callus line in red-orange. Flowers are 5 cm long and extend well beyond the bracts with yellow corolla lobes and labellum. Stamen is red tipped.'pocosol'

Cultivar Registry Photo at

In July 2016 I visited the Alberque Socorro in the Parque Nacionál Braulio Carrillo, and found a similar looking form growing in that area. The bracts are mostly red (lacking the distinct yellow apex as at the type locality) and the ligules are lobed and longer than those found at the type locality. The yellow flowers are aslo longer and more conspicuous.

R3032 from Pocosol did not survive here but is growing (at last check) in John Mood's garden. R3370, from Cord. Central, did not survive.

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