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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7453

Costus 'Rancho Sunrise'

OLD NAME: Costus 'Rancho Sunrise'

NEW NAME: Costus 'Rancho Sunrise'

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Natural hybrid


STATUS : registered cultivar

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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This natural hybrid was collected, named and introduced by Dave Skinner, found near Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica. This is apparently a natural hybrid of C. pulverulentus with C. villosissimus. The plant grows to about 2 meters tall, with short, sparse hairs on stems and leaves, ligule is slightly lobed and about 1 cm long. The bracts are mostly unappendaged except for some of the lower bracts and bract color ranges from green to reddish green. The flowers are tubular with pale orange corolla lobes but solid yellow labellums and a stemen that extends beyond the labellum.

Cultivar Registry Photo at Cultivar published in the Heliconia Society Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 19, No. 4, December, 2013.

In July 2016 I returned to Rancho Mastatal and along the road leading to the entrance to Parque Nacional La Cangreja, I found that this plant form has been cultivated extensively by property owners along the road. Some plants had more appendaged bracts than others and the flower forms were somewhat different but all were clearly hybrids of the local Costus pulverulentus with Costus villosissimus. Photos from this trip are at


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