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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 7405

Costus beckii 'Alan's Red'

OLD NAME: Costus beckii 'Alan's Red'

NEW NAME: Costus beckii 'Alan's Red'

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Form of Costus beckii


STATUS : registered cultivar

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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Costus 'Alan's Red' is a cultivar introduced by the late Mark Collins. His son Colton Collins said they do not have any further information about the origin, but it is likely that this plant was collected during a trip to Peru. This plant has long triangular ligules, bracts, bracteoles, calyx, corolla, stamen and labellum - all similar to those of the Costus "aff. beckii form 1" that I saw along the road above Atalaya, Peru (seePID #4871). That plant was seen with both terminal and basal inflorescences.

Costus 'Alan's Red' is consistent with Maas' description of Costus beckii and with my Atalaya form 1 plant in every respect except that my plant of 'Alan's Red' in cultivation has not produced a basal inflorescence - only a terminal inflorescence. Colton Collins on his website for Plant Group Hawaii, Inc., indicated this flowers both terminal and basal. The bracts, bracteole, calyx and even the corolla lobes are densely hairy.

R3280 - Rhizome purchased from Plant Group Hawaii in July 2013, first flowered in October 2014.

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