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Datasheet for Costus dinklagei

Plant Datasheet for Costus dinklagei

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BOTANICAL NAME: Costus dinklagei
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Costus dinklagei K.Schum.
STATUS :Accepted

This African species is recognized in Paul Maas' monograph on African Costaceae, published on 16 December 2016. (Monograph of African Costaceae, H. Maas-van de Kamer, P.J.M. Maas, J.J. Wieringa, C.D. Specht, Blumea 61, 2016: 280 - 318,

The African Plant Database lists this species as an accepted species. Biology : Perennial herb; leafy stems erect, spirally twisting, 1,5-2,5 m tall, pilose; shoot base covered with pubescent sheaths Ecology : Forest, in humid or swampy undergrowth; 600-700 m alt.

There are several African species that are easily confused with each other as they are superficially similar looking. The various names and PIDs where information is stored on this website are as follows:
Costus afer -PID 3430 - 2 flowers per bract
Costus albus -PID 4868 - single flower per bract
Costus dallachyi - on tag at National Tropical Botanic Garden
Costus deistelii -PID 3754
Costus dinklagei -PID 7279
Costus dubius -PID3597 - single flower per bract
Costus maculatus -PID 3604 - two flowers per bract
Costus megalobractea -PID 3755
These plants have also been circulated from Europeon botanical gardens originating at the Severoceska Bot. Garden in Czech Republic under the name Tapeinochilos spectabile - believed to actually be Costus maculatus.

Schumann describes this species and places in subgenus Eucostus - Das Pflanzenreich IV, 1904.

Flora of West Tropical Africa, (1936) - Leafy stems nearly 6 ft high with hairy sheaths, S. Nigeria and French Cameroons.

Flora of Spanish Guinea - no description

Aframomum polyanthum (K. Schum.) K. Schum. Et Costus dinklagei k. schum - Bulletin du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle. Section B, Adansonia (FRA), 1967. - vol. 7, p. 507-512 - Halle N. - 01/01/1967 Fiche descriptive Aframomum polyanthum (K. Schum.) K. Schum. Et Costus dinklagei k. schumHalle N.Identification : Bulletin du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle. Section B, Adansonia (FRA), 1967. - vol. 7, p. 507-512Date de debut : 01/01/1967 - Date de fin : 00/00/0000 Localisation : GABON Type de ressource : DocumentDescribes textbooks, journal papers, technical reports, user manuals, on line documents etc.

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