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Datasheet for Costus sp. -Fairchild #992157

Plant Datasheet for Costus sp. -Fairchild #992157

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BOTANICAL NAME: Costus sp. -Fairchild #992157
CONTINENT: Neotropical

Costus species unidentified at Fairchild Tropical Gardens, accession #992157, collected in Peru by Devon Graham in Project Amazonas. Has plicate leaves and very hairy leaf parts. Plant flowered at Fairchild Gardens, July 2004, flowers were faded when seen, and plant has not yet been fully detailed.

Review 2013 - Not known if this plant is still alive at Fairchild Gardens. Reviewing photos, it has long, narrow plicate leaves and basal green unappendaged bracts. Plant is only about 1/2 meter tall. Ligule is long and lobed. Petiole is also long. The bracteole and calyx are unusually long and narrow - bracteole Ca 3.5 cm long, calyx Ca 2.5 cm long and deeply triangular lobed. All covered with hairs. Flowers were not fresh but appear to be open type, white with reddish stripes.

Possible Costus acreanus? Plant Group Hawaii has a Costus they list simply as "green basal". They do not have any flower photos on their website, but vegetatively, the plant looks quite similar to the Fairchild accession, so I have moved R3286 here.

R2852 - did not survive; R3286 from PGH looks similar, moved to this page.

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