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Datasheet for Costus luteus

Plant Datasheet for Costus luteus

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus luteus
STATUS :synonym

This African species is placed in synonymy with the newly described Costus aureus (PID7598) in Paul Maas' monograph on African Costaceae, published on 16 December 2016. (Monograph of African Costaceae, H. Maas-van de Kamer, P.J.M. Maas, J.J. Wieringa, C.D. Specht, Blumea 61, 2016: 280 - 318,

Maas explains as follows: "In the case of C. luteus the name, when considered validly published, is alater homonym of C. luteus Blanco (nowadays Roscoea lutea (Blanco) Hassk.), and cannot be used in any case. However, to circumvent any discussion about the validity of Chevalier’s publication, we describe this species here independently as new and refrain from only using the nom. nov. construction. Because the name C. luteus had already been used, we name this yellow-flowered species C. aureus."

The African Plant Database lists this species as a syn. Of C. afer. - listed as a syn. Of Costus afer.

Listed on the International Plant Names Index at - author listed as A.Cheval.

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