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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 4884

Costus nudicaulis

OLD NAME: Costus nudicaulis

NEW NAME: Costus nudicaulis



STATUS : synonym


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This African species is placed in synonymy with Costus phyllocephalus (PID3757) in Paul Maas' monograph on African Costaceae, published on 16 December 2016. (Monograph of African Costaceae, H. Maas-van de Kamer, P.J.M. Maas, J.J. Wieringa, C.D. Specht, Blumea 61, 2016: 280 - 318,

Var. pilosa also placed in syn. - Costus nudicaulis Baker var. pilosa Gagnep. (1902b) 19, syn. Nov. — Type:Lecomte B25 (holo P), Congo Brazzaville, ‘Nounzi’, Oct. 1893.

The African Plant Database lists this species accepted, Epiphytic herb with shoots to c. 30 cm tall covered with tubulous pubescent sheaths. It does not list a var. pilosus.

W3Tropicos - - Costus nudicaulis Baker, Author(s): ORSTOM Date: 1988 Publication: List of Vascular Plants of Gabon with Synonymy

Flora of Tropical Africa, 1898 - describes this species.
"7. C. nudicaulis, Baker. Epiphytic. Stem naked, under 1 ft.Long, bearing at its tip a dense rosette of unequal, oblanceolate-oblong,acute leaves, the longest 4 in. long, under 2 in. broad at the middle,moderately firm, glabrous on both sides. Spike many-flowered, oblong.Sessile at the tip of the stem in the centre of the rosette of leaves; bracts,small, oblong. Calyx not protruding beyond the bract. Corolla-Iobes.Oblanceolate-oblong, 1 1/2 in. long. Lip 2 in. long and broad, pale red;process of fertile stamen about 1 in. shorter than the lip; anther-cells 1/3 in. long.
Lower Guinea. Gaboon: Gaboon River, Mann, 1033 !

Schumann describes this species and places in subgenus Epicostus - Das Pflanzenreich IV, 1904.

NOTE: The plant in cultivation that I have sold in the past as Costus nudicaulis has been determined by Paul Maas to be his new species Costus fenestralis.

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