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Datasheet for Costus asteranthus

Plant Datasheet for Costus asteranthus

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Photo# 17700 Specimen# R0
Costus asteranthus isotype at NY Botanical Garden

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Photo# 17701 Specimen# R0
Costus asteranthus isotype at Kew Gardens

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BOTANICAL NAME: Costus asteranthus
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Costus asteranthus Maas & H.Maas
STATUS :Accepted
CONTINENT: Neotropical

This is an accepted neo-tropical Costus species described by Paul and Hiltje Maas in 1990. It has only been found in the type location in a small area of Peru. I have never seen photos and I do not believe this species is in cultivation. It is basal flowering (on separate leafless shoot), characterized by its corolla lobes that fold out from the labellum giving a "star-like" appearance. The flowers are yellow (corolla, labellum, and stamen) and based on the illustration the flowers are tubular with the stamen extending well past the labellum as in Costus pulverulentus.

Costus asteranthus Maas & H. Maas Published in: Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh 46(3): 307. 1990. {Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh ; BPH 668.12} Type - protologue Peru. Puno., Maas et al. 6086 (HT: U) Holotype: Collected in 1984 by Maas et al, in Peru, Puno.Prov. Carabaya: vicinity of Sangaban (=Lanlacuni Bajo), steep forested hills at 600-800 meters. No other collections recorded besides this type. There is an illustration and a photo of the inflorescence. Isotypes are at Kew and at NYBG showing the very short ligules and rather unique shape of the leaves.

Specimen at NYBG Herbarium -

Image: Available at CostaceaeCostus asteranthus Maas & H. Maas (Isotype) Image: Available Location: Peru. Puno. Carabaya. Vicinity of Sangaban (=Lanlacuni Bajo). Alt. 600 - 800 m. Collector: P. J. M. Maas 6086with H. Maas, C. Roersch & L. Y. Th. Westra18 Oct 1984 Description: Herb, ca. 2 m tall. Leaves dark green above, shiny pale green below; inflorescence basal, sheaths green with reddish base and margin, bracts red, with white callus; flowers vertical, bracteole and calyx pink, petals labellum, and stamen yellow. Flower. Habitat: Publication: Verified: P. J. M. & H. Maas. 1989. Other: NY Specimen ID: 39319

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