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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 4618

Hellenia lacera

OLD NAME: Cheilocostus lacerus

NEW NAME: Hellenia lacera


FULL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hellenia lacera (Gagnep.) Govaerts (per KEW)

STATUS : accepted


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This species is superficially similar to Cheilocostus speciosus and thus often confused with it. I have had two different specimens of this species. One was received from Baton Rouge where it had been growing for many years in front of a hardware store. The other one was from the Smithsonian collections. Photos on this page are from both collections as indicated. See the Botanical Description page (at the link above) for more details.

Described in Flora of China, Vol. 24 (Flagellariaceae-Marantaceae). Science Press & Missouri Botanical Garden.

W3Tropicos - - Costus lacerus Gagnep.Published in: Bulletin de la Societe Botanique de France 50: 261. 1903. {Bull. Soc. Bot. France ; BPH 275.24}

R2735 was received from Maradee Cryer who found it growing in front of a hardware store in Baton Rouge. This collection has been vouchered at the UC Berkeley, Jepsen Herbarium, UC2045829.

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Cheilocostus lacerus (origin unknown - found in Baton Rouge, LA) - Click to see full sized image
Photo# 589 Accession# R0
Cheilocostus lacerus (origin unknown - found in Baton Rouge, LA)