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Datasheet for Tapeinochilos hollrungii

Plant Datasheet for Tapeinochilos hollrungii

BOTANICAL NAME: Tapeinochilos hollrungii
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tapeinochilos hollrungii K.Schum.
STATUS :Accepted

Osia Gideon Monograph: Listed as a terminal flowering species with straight bracts and inflorescence > 12 cm in diameter, with flowers much shorter than bracts (flower to bract length ratio 1.6 to 1.9). Young bracts red (one plant yellow), flowers 44-52 mm long, inflroescence 14-17 cm diameter, capsules many seeded (190-225 seeds per fruit)

Lyon PDF file by the late Ray Baker of T. hollrungii, now available at the Heliconia Society International website.

NOTE: I have transferred images that were thought to be T. densum to this page as it appears that T. densum is an incorrect synonym for T. hollrungii.

My plant received as "T. hollrungii" from Jesse Durko Nursery (R2110) did not survive. I have had the following accessions, most tagged as T. densum, that I am now placing here as T. hollrungii. R2695, a Tom Wood plant that did not survive. R2822 also from Tom Wood, tagged as T. densum, and R2836 from Enid Dolan tagged as T. hollrungii (probably the same Tom Wood plant).

From: Tom Wood - The only giant yellow Tapeinochilos I know of is a variety of T. holrungii. It is also in cultivation in Hawaii. Another species which has a greenish yellow spike comes from Gogol. Its bracts are recurved, soft and fleshy unlike T. holrungii which has straight, sharp bracts.

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