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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 4299

Tapeinochilos beccarii

OLD NAME: Tapeinochilos beccarii

NEW NAME: Tapeinochilos beccarii


FULL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tapeinochilos beccarii K.Schum.

STATUS : accepted

CONTINENT: Malanesian

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Osia Gideon Monograph: Listed as a terminal flowering species with straight bracts and inflorescence < 11cm in diameter, with flowers about the same length as the bracts (flower to bract ratio 1.1 to 1.3). Flowers 30-46 mm long, as long as the bract or longer. Bracts not yellow-tipped, pungent. Abaxial leaf surface puberulous, leaves 13-20 by 4-6 cm, flowers 30-37 mm long; bracts pungent, endemic to Sorong and environs, Vogelkop Peninsula.

I saw a plant at Lyon Arboretum in Hawaii in 2006 tagged as this species, but it was not in flower. The stems were villous - thick long hairs. The plant did not really look like Tapeinochilos to me but had the extensive branching habit so it may be correct. Apparently Ray Baker did not produce a PDF file for this accession as it was not included in the PDFs provided to us at the Heliconia Society for our website.


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