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Datasheet for Costus lima var. scabremarginatus

Plant Datasheet for Costus lima var. scabremarginatus

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus lima var. scabremarginatus
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Costus lima var. scabremarginatus Maas
STATUS :Accepted
CONTINENT: Neotropical

In his 1972 monograph, Paul Maas described a separate variety scabremarginatus based only on minor differences in the distribution of the hairs on the leaves. Variety lima is described as having leaves with the upper side scabrid to the touch, but variety scabremarginatus is described as having leaves with the upper side "only somewhat scabrid towards the margins". I have never been able to discern these minor differences in hairs, a character that tends to be variable in all Costus species, so all photos and specimens have been loaded atPID3435.

Per Paul Maas (1972), this variety is distributed in northwestern South America and one collection in Panama.

Specimen at NYBG Herbarium -Costus lima K. Schum. var. scabre-marginatus Maas (Isotype)det. P. J. M. Maas, 1968. Location: Venezuela. Zulia. Perija. Near Mission Los Angeles del Tucuco. Alt. 900 m. 9° 50' N 72° 50' W Xerox Map of Lat/Long Collector: J. G. Wessels Boer 2462 08 Apr 1968
Description: Herb about 2 m tall; bracts of the inflorescence orange-red; flowers with orange-red calyx and petals lip yellow with red. Fertile. Habitat: Disturbed montane forest in shade.

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