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Datasheet for Costus formosus

Plant Datasheet for Costus formosus

BOTANICAL NAME: Costus formosus
CONTINENT: Neotropical

Not a valid species - obsolete synonym.

Specimen at historical botanical collections in the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Described by P. J. M. Maas in Flora Neotropica under its correct name, Costus pulverulentus.

Specimen at NYBG Herbarium -

Image: Available at CostaceaeCostus formosus C. V. Morton (Isotype) Image: Available Location: Costa Rica. San Jose. Vicinity of El General. Alt. 850 m. Collector: A. F. Skutch 2775Jul 1936 Description: Herb 3.5 m; bracts, calyx, petals and fertile stamen red; staminode yellow. Flower. Habitat: Shallow water. Publication: J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 27: 305. 1937. Verified: A. Espeko & A. R. Lopez-F. 1994. Other: NY Specimen ID: 320321

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