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Datasheet for Chamaecostus curcumoides

Plant Datasheet for Chamaecostus curcumoides

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BOTANICAL NAME: Chamaecostus curcumoides
FORMAL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chamaecostus curcumoides (Maas) C.Specht & D.W.Stev.
STATUS :Accepted
CONTINENT: Neotropical
Costus curcumoides Maas (1972),

I have never seen this species or any photos of it but it was one of the species used by Dr. Chelsea Specht in her molecular studies and she has filed the DNA sequence at In her cladistic analysis it came closest to Chamaecostus lanceolatus. Her DNA sample apparently came from Brussels as a living collection # X95-0116-29 - This is listed as a valid species here and it is described as being a terrestrial plant in the Nouragues area in French Guiana. The type species is from French Guiana at Rio Approuague: Crique Anis near Mapaou.

December 2013 issue of the Heliconia Society International Bulletin, Vol. 19, No. 4

Thiago Andre published results of phylogeny of Chamaecostus. C. curcumoides found to be closely related to C. fusiformis although they are found in different geographical areas.

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