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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 3453


OLD NAME: Costus

NEW NAME: Costus



STATUS : accepted

CONTINENT: Neotropical

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NOTE: This record in the database is used as a placeholder to link to image files where no species or other subgeneric name has been determined and no separate record has been entered.

The accession list at the bottom of this page includes all accessions (dead or still alive) for unidentified and unnamed Costus taxa that do not have their own separate data sheet. Most of these were received as cultivated plants with unknown origins, and many of them are no longer alive in my collections. Here are some of the more important and interesting, but as yet unidentified accessions:

  • R3189 - (click this link to see photos) This plant from Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, flowered for me in cultivation for a couple of years but in now dead and lost from my collections. With it's non-appendaged bracts and open labellum flower it would seem to be close to one of the new species, either Costus oreophilus or Costus convexus but its small, narrow leaves, short flowering size and abaxially oriented flowers, it was clearly something different. The most unique thing about it was the very short and reflexed corolla lobes, tightly curled under, which occured both years that it flowered. In January 2022 I went to Tungurahua province to looke for Costus oreophilus and found that the plants there also have the unusual corolla lobes as in R3189, however the flowers there were all adaxially oriented compared with the abaxial orientation of the flowers in this accession. (NOTE: After seeing the living plants of Costus oreophilus in Tunguragua, Ecuador I now believe this to be an example of that newly described species.)
  • R3197 (click this link to see photos) - This plant has not been seen in flower yet, grown from seeds collected along the road to the Sangay National Park in Ecuador, at 1300 meters.
  • R3226 - (click this link to see photos) This plant was collected at about 1000 meters along the road to Buenaventura in Colombia. It has flowered many times and and produces colorful flowers on a densely hairy plant. Dr. Maas has reviewed and we cannot determine a species. It was collected next to a population of Costus villosissimus and possibly is a hybrid with that species.
  • R3235 - (click this link to see photos) This plant was growing at the Nirvana Reserve in Colombia, collected in the Choco. A really beautiful plant with large, densely hairy leaves, deep purple on the undersides, dark red bracts and yellow flowers. It did not survive in my garden but I believe it still can be seen at Nirvana, growing on the slopes above the main display area.
  • R3378 (click this link to see photos) - This was not in flower when collected and has not yet flowered in my garden, but it is growing well and I believe it will turn out to be Costus comosus.
  • R3459- (click this link to see photos) - Possibly an undescribed species, close to Costus zamoranus. Inaturalist page is at DNA was extracted from leaf tissue of this plant and it does appear to be a new and undescribed species close to C. longibracteolatus.


ACCESSIONS:Click links (if any) to see details of individual collections. R2248- R2655- R2852- R2978- R2981- R2982- R2983- R2985- R2988- R2989- R2992- R2993- R3007- R3010- R3061- R3093- R3151- R3168- R3187- R3188- R3190- R3192- R3195- R3197- R3216- R3224- R3228- R3230- R3237- R3240- R3286- R3300- R3334- R3358- R3360- R3416- R3420- R3430- R3492-

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