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Gingersrus Database Taxon ID 3432

Parahellenia globosa

OLD NAME: Cheilocostus globosus

NEW NAME: Parahellenia globosa

NAME CHANGE NOTES: Moved to the new genus Parahellenia

FULL SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hellenia globosa (Blume) S.R.Dutta Govaerts (per KEW)

STATUS : accepted


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- Cheilocostus acanthocephalus - Cheilocostus chrysocephalus - Cheilocostus clemensae - Cheilocostus dhanivatii - Cheilocostus kingii - Cheilocostus globosus var. ridleyi - Cheilocostus ridleyi - Cheilocostus sulfureus - Cheilocostus tonkinensis - Cheilocostus velutinus - Cheilocostus globosus var. velutinus

This is an accepted Asian species. This species was moved from Costus to the new genus Cheilocostus in 2006.

Dr. PJM Maas, in Notes on Asiatic and Australian Costoidae, Blumea 25 (1979) 543-549: Maas describes a "Costus globosus complex" - needs more study before it can be determined where the boundaries are between species. Characterized by inflo on separate, short, leafless shoot, bracts spiny at apex. Lists a whole series of plants in this complex: C acanthocephalus from Sumatra, C. chrysocephalus from New Guinea, C. clemensae from Philippines, C. dhanivatii from Thailand, C. globosus from Java, C. kingii and C. globosus var. kingii from Malay Peninsula, C. microcephalus from Borneo, C. oligophyllus and C. kunstleri from Maylay Peninsula, C. ridleyi and C. globosus var. ridleyi from Malay Peninsula and Thailand, C. sulfureus from Celebes, C. tonkinensis from Tonkin, C. velutinus and C. globosus var. velutinus from Malay Peninsula.

Schumann describes this species and places in subgenus Eucostus - Das Pflanzenreich IV, 1904.

KEW BORNEO PROJECT - plants collected at Brunei Darussalam, on the north-western coast of the island of Borneo. C. globosus Blume Herb; on ground · VEG: LMDF, HDF · HAB: gentle slope, ridge; impeded drainage; near running fresh water · GEO: Setap Shales; alluvial deposits · ALT: 130 m TEM: Amo, Apan, Cowley 82; Amo, Apoi Forest Reserve, Cowley 53; Amo, Apoi Forest Reserve, Cowley 72; Amo, Apoi Forest Reserve, Cowley 92; Amo, Batu Apoi Forest Reserve, Poulsen 175; Amo, K. Belalong, Boyce 423; Batu Apoi, Sg. Selapon, Wong 2046 · W & C Malesia - Costus globosus or Setawar Hutan, is a slender plant belonging to the ginger plant family. Growing to a height of 6-8 feet, the plant is used to primarily to bring down a high fever. The leaves can be ground into a paste and applied directly to the forehead. Another method is to slice the young stems, steep them overnight in hot water and drink the infusion the following day.

Specimen in Smithsonian greenhouse, believed to be C. globosus

Tom Wood - From Thailand, blooming Sept 2001, very unusually looking basal infl. "Costus globosus always has a basal inflorescence. It has a wide range (Malaya, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam, and southern China). There is much variation in flower color from pure, light yellow to all bright red. C. tonkinensis is a synonym for this species."

I have two forms of this species in my collections. One form (R2562) is believed to be the plant that was named C. tonkinensis, with mostly yellow flowers. It has the unusual character of peachy-pink new leaves, and I have given it the cultivar name 'Peach Cobbler'. The other plant (R2961) came from a Mark Collins collection, has mostly orange flowers and I have named it 'Orange Sherbet'.

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Cheilocostus globosus 'Orange Sherbet' - Click to see full sized image
Photo# 588 Accession# R0
Cheilocostus globosus 'Orange Sherbet'